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Merritt Parkway

*NFS: Pieces only for sale as a series
Merritt Mania, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 30

Merritt Mania

Oil, 30x36, $3500

White Oak Shade Bridge, Patricia Corbett

White Oak Shade Bridge

Oil, 30x36, NFS

Primavera, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 21x24


Oil, 21x24, SOLD

Puson Ridge Rd Bridge, Patricia Corbett,

Puson Ridge Rd Bridge

Oil, 30x36, NFS

Snowjam, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 20x16, $


Oil, 20x16, $2500

Snowjamboree, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 36x


Oil, 36x30, NFS

Autumn Frost, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 8x1

Autumn Frost

Oil, 8x10, NFS

Moonlit Night, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 14

Moonlit Night

Oil, 14x11, SOLD

Early Frost, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 8x10

Early Frost

Oil, 8x10, $395

Early Morning Mist, Patricia Corbett, Oi

Early Morning Mist

Oil, 16x20, NFS


Newtown Bridge

Oil, 11x14, $1000



Oil, 11x14, $1000

Nike Wings Bridge, Patricia Corbett, Oil

Nike Wings Bridge

Oil, 36x48, NFS

October Fest!, Patricia Corbett, Oil, 20
Derby Avenue Bridge, Patricia Corbett, O

Derby Avenue Bridge

Oil, 24x36, NFS

October Fest!

Oil, 20x16, $2200


Guinea Ridge Road Bridge 

Oil, 30x36, NFS

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